“Like an oak tree, it grows slowly, but surely at its own rate.”

Hi there! I’m Michelle, and welcome to Of the Oaks.

Rooted in a passion for holistic well-being, my journey here is all about growth and evolution. Just like the sturdy oak tree, we grow steadily at our own pace, embodying strength, resilience, and wisdom.

Through extensive training, including a 200-hour registered yoga instructor certification and specialized courses like Restorative & Immersion, Children’s Yoga, Chair Yoga for Seniors, and more, I’ve honed my expertise to better serve diverse communities.

But the learning never stops. Currently enrolled in therapeutic yoga training program, I’m always striving to deepen my understanding and refine my offerings.

In the community, I offer a variety of classes, from accessible Hatha sessions to tailored programs for schools, community centers, and workplaces. I’m deeply committed to community engagement, organizing fundraising events and empowering women through annual retreats focused on their well-being.

At Of the Oaks, our mission is simple: to provide a nurturing space for self-discovery and healing. Join me on this journey toward holistic well-being, where we adapt, bend, and grow together through the practice of yoga. Let’s explore our bodies and movement, and embrace the wisdom of the oaks.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the unwavering support and encouragement that my family and friends have shown me. Their belief in my abilities has been a guiding light, propelling me forward through challenges and uncertainties. Knowing that they stand by me, cheering me on every step of the way, fills me with immense strength and confidence. Their unwavering faith in me fuels my determination to strive for my dreams and accomplish my goals. I am truly blessed to have such incredible people in my corner, and I cherish their support more than words can express.